MIURA Hiroshi



Hospital  Obstetrics and Gynecology 

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    Akita University   Faculty of Medicine   Graduated

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    Akita University  Graduate School,Division of Medicine  Doctor's Course  Completed

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  • 2013.01

    Akita University   School of Medicine   Assistant Professor  

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  • Obstetrics and gynecology

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  • Doctor


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  • Clinical characteristics of Lynch-like cases collaterally classified by Lynch syndrome identification strategy using universal screening in endometrial cancer.

    Takahashi K,Sato N,Sugawara T,Kato A,Sato T,Shimizu D,Tamura D,Kito M,Makino K,Shirasawa H,Miura H,Sato W,Kumazawa Y,Sato A,Terada Y

    Gynecologic oncology     2017.11  [Refereed]

    Domestic Co-author

  • The location of "8"-shaped hatching influences inner cell mass formation in mouse blastocysts.

    Onodera Y,Takahashi K,Goto M,Anzai M,Ono N,Shirasawa H,Sato W,Miura H,Sato N,Sato A,Kumazawa Y,Terada Y

    PloS one   12 ( 4 ) e0175150 - e0175150   2017.04  [Refereed]

    Domestic Co-author

  • Neutrophil elastase in amniotic fluid as a predictor of preterm birth after emergent cervical cerclage.

    Hatakeyama Y,Miura H,Sato A,Onodera Y,Sato N,Shimizu D,Kumazawa Y,Sanada H,Hirano H,Terada Y

    Acta obstetricia et gynecologica Scandinavica     2016.10  [Refereed]

    Domestic Co-author

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research 【 display / non-display

  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C)

    Project Year: 2019.04  -  Now 

  • Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists(B)

    Project Year: 2017.04  -  2020.03