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MAKABE Sachiko



Graduate School of Medicine , Doctorial Course in Health Sciences , Clinical Nursing


Associate Professor

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  • Osaka University  Graduate School,Division of Medicine  Doctor's Degree Program  2015.03  Completed

  • Akita University  Graduate School, Division of Medicine  Master's Degree Program  2009.09  Completed

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  • 2018.09

    Akita University   Graduate School of Medicine   Doctorial Course in Health Sciences   Clinical Nursing   Associate Professor

  • 2015.04

    Akita University   School of Medicine   School of Health Sciences   Lecturer

  • 2006.04

    Akita University   Assistant Professor

Research Field(Grants-in-Aid-for-Scientific-Research classification ) 【 display / non-display

  • Clinical nursing


Articles 【 display / non-display

  • Investigating nurses’ quality of life and work-life balance statuses in Singapore

    Kowitlawakul Y, Yap S F, Makabe S, Chan S, Takagai J, Tam W W S, and Nurumal M

    International Nursing Review   2018.08

  • Investigation of the key determinants of Asian nurses’ quality of life

    Makabe S, Kowitlawakul Y, Nurumal M, Takagai J, Wichaikhum O, Wangmo N, Foon Y S, Kunaviktikul W, Komatsu J, Shirakawa H, Kimura Y, and Asanuma Y

    Industrial Health   56   2018.02

  • Seasonal effects on the sleep-wake cycle, the rest-activity rhythm and quality of life for Japanese and Thai older people,

    Kume Y, Makabe S, Singha-Dong N, Vajamun P, Apikomonkon H, Griffiths J

    Chronobiology International   34   1377 - 1387   2017.12

  • Work-Life Balance among Teaching Hospital Nurses in Malaysia

    Mohd Said Nurumal, Sachiko Makabe, Farah Ilyani Che Jamaludin, Hairil Fahmi Mohd Yusof,Khin Thandar Aung & Yanika Kowitlawakul

    Global Journal of Health Science;   9 ( 8 )   81 - 89   2017.07

  • The ANQueSt (Asian Nurse Quality of life Study) to Compare Quality of Life and Identify Related Variables: Study Protocol for a Cross-Sectional Design

    Sachiko Makabe, Yanika Kowitlawakul, Mohd Said Nurumal, Junko Takagai, Orn-Anong Wichaikhum, Neyzang Wangmo, Yap Suk Foon, Wipad Kunaviktikul, Junko Komatsu, Hideko Shirakawa, Yutaka Kimura, and Yoshihiro Asanuma

    Journal of Clinical Trials   7 ( 2 )   1 - 4   2017.04

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Academic Conference presentation 【 display / non-display

  • Impact of age and Japanese lifestyle on quality of life in patients with total hip arthroplasty in Japan

    The 17th East Asia Forum of Nursing Scholars 


  • The factors that influence the job satisfaction of nurses

    The 17th East Asia Forum of Nursing Scholars 


  • Effect of work-life imbalance on job satisfaction and quality of life for Japanese nurses

    The 17th East Asia Forum of Nursing Scholars 


  • Qualitative Study of Patient's Experience after Total Hip Arthroplasty in Cold District in Japan

    The 16th Asian Forum of Nursing Scholars (EAFONS)