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Graduate School of Engineering Science , Department of Materials Science , Applied Chemistry Course



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1-1 Tegata Gakuen-machi, Akita City, 010-8502 JAPAN

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Inorganic Materials Chemistry

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  • Akita University   Faculty of Mining   2001.03  Graduated

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  • Akita University  Graduate School, Division of Mining  Doctor's Degree Program  2006.03  Completed

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  • 2013.04

    Akita University   Graduate School of Engineering and Resource Science   Department of Materials-process Engineering and Applied Chemistry Environ   Lecturer

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  • Catalyst/Resource chemical process


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  • Fe incorporation into hydroxyapatite channels by Fe loading and post-annealing

    Sumio Kato, Sho Ikeda, Kanji Saito, Masataka Ogasawara

    Journal of Solid State Chemistry   265   411 - 416   2018.06

  • Development of Highly Durable Zeolites as Hydrocarbon Trap Materials for Automotive Catalysts

    Yoshinori Endo, Joe Nishikawa, Hironori Iwakura, Masaaki Inamura, Takashi Wakabayashi, Yuunosuke Nakahara, Masataka Ogasawara, Sumio Kato

    SAE Technical Paper   2018.04

  • Removal of Water from Water-in-crude Oil Emulsions with Poly[(acrylic acid)-co-(sodium acrylate)] as Water-absorptive-polymers

    Chiyu Nakano, Yuta Takada, Yutaro Chida, Sumio Kato, Masataka Ogasawara, Takao Ikeuchi, Takayoshi Shindo

    61 ( 2 )   59 - 71   2018.03

  • Investigation of the Morphology and Chemical Structure of the Diatoms Frustule Found in the Bottom Sediments in Tazawa-ko Lake

    Kiyoshi Fuda, Natsuki Takami, Masataka Ogasawara, Shuji Narita

    Scientific and technical reports of graduate school of engineering science, Akita University   38   1 - 6   2017.10

  • Synthesis and reversible oxidation/reduction behavior of delafossite-type CuCr1-xAlxO2

    Sumio Kato, Sho Suzuki, Masataka Ogasawara

    Journal of Materials Science   52 ( 18 )   10718 - 10725   2017.06

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