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Graduate School of Medicine , Doctorial Course in Medicine , Public Health and Environmental Medicine


Assistant Professor

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1-1-1 Hondo, Akita City

Research Fields, keywords

hikikomori (social withdrawal, social isolation), Internet addiction, mental health, community building, suicide prevention

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  • Universiti Putra Malaysia   Faculty of Environmental Studies   2000.07  Graduated

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  • The University of Tokyo  Graduate School, Division of Medicine  Mental Health  Doctor's Degree Program  2013.03  Completed

  • The University of Hong Kong  The School of Public Health  Public Health Practice  Master's Degree Program  2009.11  Completed

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  • The University of Hong Kong -  Master in Public Health

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  • 2016.04

    Akita University   Graduate School of Medicine   Doctorial Course in Medicine   Public Health and Environmental Medicine   The Department of Public Health   Assistant Professor

  • 2015.07

    Akita University   Graduate School of Medicine   Specially-appointed Assistant Professor

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  • 2013.02

    Health and Global Policy Institute   Researcher  

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  • 2010.04

    Japan Public Health Association

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  • Community Health


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  • 日本人集団における3つのインターネット依存症尺度の信頼性と妥当性


    ヨン キム フォン ロザリン 

    2013.03   single author

  • Exploring Hikikomori


    Yong Kim Fong Roseline 

    2008.11   single author

    Hygiene and public health

Articles 【 display / non-display

  • The validity and psychometric properties of the Japanese version of the Compulsive Internet Use Scale (CIUS)

    Roseline Kim Fong Yong, Akiomi Inoue, Norito Kawakami

    BMC Psychiatry   17 ( 201 )   2017.06

  • Hikikomori, a Phenomenon of Social Withdrawal and Isolation in Young Adults Marked by an Anomic Response to Coping Difficulties: A Qualitative Study Exploring Individual Experiences from First- and Second-Person Perspectives

    Roseline Kim Fong Yong, Yoshihiro Kaneko

    Open Journal of Preventive Medicine   6 ( 1 )   1 - 20   2016.01

  • Health-Related Problems after the Great East Japan Earthquake: An Evaluation Based on the Annual Health Examination

    Kazumi Kubota, Akiomi Inoue, Yoichi Shimizu, Satoko Kagata, Roseline Yong, Yoshiaki Hirama, Masaru Shiga, Takashi Kawazoe

    Journal of Nursing and Care   2 ( 134 )   2013.10

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  • Differences between younger and older hikikomori people.

    The 22nd International Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions World Congress