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Graduate School of Medicine  Doctorial Course in Medicine  Bioregulatory Medicine  Department of Neuropsychiatry

Research Fields, Keywords

Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Developmental Disorders, Sleep, Chronobiology

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    Hokkaido University   Faculty of Medicine   Graduated

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    Hokkaido University  Graduate School, Division of Medicine  Doctor's Course  Completed

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  • Hokkaido University -  Ph.D (medicine)

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  • 2019.08

    Akita University   Graduate School of Medicine   Doctorial Course in Medicine   Bioregulatory Medicine   Associate Professor  


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  • The shape of disposable diaper affects spontaneous movements of lower limbs in young infants.

    Gima H, Teshima M, Tagami E, Sato T, Ohta H.

    Sci Rep.   9 ( 1 ) 16176   2019.11  [Refereed]

    Domestic Co-author


  • アクティワッチ(小型照度・活動量計)による極低出生体重児の発達予後予測の可能性

    下風 朋章, 太田 英伸, 兼次 洋介, 斎藤 朋子, 豊島 勝昭

    日本新生児成育医学会雑誌 ( (公社)日本新生児成育医学会 )  31 ( 3 ) 744 - 744   2019.10

  • Combined effects of body position and sleep status on the cardiorespiratory stability of near-term infants

    Yoshihisa Oishi, Hidenobu Ohta, Takako Hirose, Sachiko Nakaya, Keiji Tsuchiya, Machiko Nakagawa, Isao Kusakawa, Toshihiro Sato, Toshimasa Obonai, Hiroshi Nishida, Hitoshi Yoda

    Scientific Reports ( Nature Publishing Group )  8 ( 1 ) 8845   2018.12

    The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of body position (prone, supine and lateral) together with sleep status (wake and sleep) on the cardiorespiratory stability of near-term infants. A total of 53 infants (gestational age at birth 33.2 ± 3.5 weeks
    birth weight 1,682 ± 521 g
    gestational age at recording 38.6 ± 2.1 weeks
    weight at recording: 2,273 ± 393 g) were monitored for 24 hours for clinically significant apnea (&gt
    15 seconds), bradycardia (&lt
    100 bpm), and oxygen desaturation (SpO2 &lt
    90%) in alternating body positions (prone, supine and lateral) by cardiorespiratory monitors and 3-orthogonal-axis accelerometers. Sleep status of the infants was also continuously monitored by actigraphs. No apnea was observed. During wake, severe bradycardia was most frequently observed in the lateral position while, during sleep, severe bradycardia was most frequently observed in the supine position. Desaturation was most frequently observed in the supine and lateral positions during both wake and sleep. Our study suggests that the cardiorespiratory stability of infants is significantly compromised by both body position and sleep status. During both wake and sleep, prone position induces the most stable cardiorespiratory functions of near-term infants.

    DOI PubMed

  • Entrainment of the Circadian Clock in Neural Stem Cells by Epidermal Growth Factor is Closely Associated with ERK1/2-mediated Induction of Multiple Clock-related Genes

    Asuka Mogi, Ryo Yomoda, Syunya Kimura, Chisato Tsushima, Jun Takouda, Miho Sawauchi, Tomoko Maekawa, Hidenobu Ohta, Satoshi Nishino, Masatake Kurita, Nariyasu Mano, Noriko Osumi, Takahiro Moriya

    Neuroscience ( Elsevier Ltd )  379   45 - 66   2018.05

    The mitotic activity of certain tissues in the body is closely associated with circadian clock function. However, the effects of growth factors on the molecular clockwork are not fully understood. Stimulation of neural stem cells (NSCs) with epidermal growth factor (EGF), a well-known mitogen, is known to cause synchronized cell cycle progression with a period of approximately 24 h, closely associated with the Per2 gene expression rhythm. Here, we examined the effects of EGF on the molecular clockwork of NSCs. Treatment of cultured NSCs derived from embryonic mouse forebrain with EGF (20 ng/mL) caused a phase shift in the PER2::LUCIFERASE bioluminescence rhythm in a stimulation time-dependent manner. The EGF phase-response curve differed from that of forskolin (FK)—a well-known chemical resetting stimulus—both in the advance/delay ratio and stimulation time-dependency. PCR array analysis followed by quantitative PCR validation demonstrated that EGF treatment transiently induced multiple clock-related genes including Per1, Per2, Dec1, e4bp4, and Noct, whereas FK treatment induced a limited number of genes (Per1 and Dec1), suggesting that the mode of entrainment of NSC molecular clock was different for EGF and FK. EGF led to gene induction in the presence of cycloheximide, suggesting that de novo protein synthesis is unnecessary. Pretreatment with the MEK1/2 inhibitor U0126 significantly suppressed the acute induction of Per2, Dec1, and Noct by EGF and also abolished the EGF-induced phase shift of the PER2::LUCIFERASE rhythm in NSCs. These results suggest a unique effect of EGF on the molecular clockwork of NSCs.

    DOI PubMed

  • Potential New Non-Invasive Therapy Using Artificial Oxygen Carriers for Pre-Eclampsia.

    Ohta H, Kaga M, Li H, Sakai H, Okamura K, Yaegashi N

    Journal of functional biomaterials   8 ( 3 )   2017.07

    DOI PubMed

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • 知覚・認知の発達心理学入門

    北大路書房  2008.03

  • きちんと分かる時計遺伝子

    白日社  2007.12

Review Papers 【 display / non-display

  • 発達障害・1 発達障害と理学療法

      52 ( 7 ) 665‐671   2018.07



  • 幼児の夜間睡眠に対する昼寝の影響について

    中川 真智子, 太田 英伸, 長沖 優子, 島袋 林秀, 安積 陽子, 高橋 紀子, 中澤 貴代, 森岡 圭太, 伊藤 詩菜, 大石 芳久, 平田 倫生, 星野 絵里, 長 和俊, 草川 功, 與田 仁志

    脳と発達 ( (一社)日本小児神経学会 )  49 ( Suppl. ) S275 - S275   2017.05


  • 胎児と新生児の発達 脳保護の次に来るもの 早産児の光環境と睡眠

    太田 英伸, 中川 真智子, 安積 陽子, 兼次 洋介, 大石 芳久, 星野 絵里, 平田 倫生, 小澤 美和, 長 和俊, 草川 功, 與田 仁志

    脳と発達 ( (一社)日本小児神経学会 )  49 ( Suppl. ) S158 - S158   2017.05


  • 幼児の夜間睡眠に対する昼寝の影響について

    中川真智子, 太田英伸, 太田英伸, 長沖優子, 島袋林秀, 平田倫生, 大石芳久, 長和俊, 与田仁志, 草川功

    日本新生児成育医学会雑誌   28 ( 3 ) 581   2016.11



  • 音環境の調整の実践と[なぜ?]

    有光 威志, 太田 英伸

    Neonatal Care ( (株)メディカ出版 )  29 ( 11 ) 1051 - 1059   2016.11


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Presentations 【 display / non-display

  • Hemoglobin vesicles treatment in future perinatal medicine

    OHTA Hidenobu

    The 17th International Symposium on Blood Substitutes & Oxygen Therapeutics (XVII-ISBS-2019)  (Nara Kasugano International Forum, Nara)  2019.11  -  2019.11  the Society of Blood Substitutes, Japan

  • Lighting conditions and developing human biological clocks (symposium)

    OHTA Hidenobu

    International Congress of Physiological Anthropology , Chiba  2015.10  -  2015.10 

  • Developing human biological clocks and an insight into a toddlers' screening for an early developmental intervention in high-risk preterm infants.

    OHTA, Hidenobu

    Seminar in Pediatric Grand Round  (Seoul, Korea)  2015.05  -  2015.05  Seoul National University, College of Medicine

  • Research and Development of Light Filter Incubator.

    OHTA, Hidenobu

    The 21st Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Chronobiology (JSC) and JSC International Symposium (Workshop)  (Fukuoka)  2014.11  -  2014.11  Japanese Society of Chronobiology (JSC)

  • Melanopsin and visual development of neonates

    OHTA Hidenobu

    Neuroscience Program (特別講演), Vanderbilt University, Nashville  2014.09  -  2014.09 

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