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Cardiovascular Surgery

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    Asahikawa Medical College   Faculty of Medicine   Graduated

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    Asahikawa Medical College  Graduate School,Division of Medicine  Doctor's Course  Completed

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  • 2008.04

    Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences   Clinical fellow (Pediatric cardiac surgery)

  • 2004.09

    Yale University, Department of Vascular surgery   postdoctoral research associate

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  • 2015.10

    Akita University   School of Medicine   School of Medicine   Associate Professor  

  • 2014.10

    Akita University   School of Medicine   School of Medicine   Department of Cardiovascular Surgery   Lecturer  

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  • Cardiovascular surgery

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  • Doctor


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  • Indistinct cell cycle checkpoint after u.v. damage in H-ras-transformed mouse liver cells despite normal p53 gene expression.

    Kadohama T, Tsuji K, Ogawa K. 

    Oncogene  9   2845 - 2852   1994.10

    Domestic Co-author

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  • Traction-assisted negative pressure wound therapy for pediatric poststernotomy mediastinitis

    T Wada, T. Kadohama, D. Takagi, G. Yamaura, F Tanaka, K. Kiryu, Y. Itagaki, T. Arai, I. Igarashi, Y Yamazaki, H. Yamamoto

    The Japanese Journal of Thoracic Surgery ( Nanko-do )  74 ( 2 ) 121 - 124   2021.02  [Refereed]

    Domestic Co-author

  • Thoracic endovascular repair for chronic aortic dissection with aberrant origin of the left vertebral artery: report of a case

    F. Tanaka, T. Kadohama, T. Arai, G. Yamaura, D. Takagi, K. Kiryu, Y. Itagaki, T. Wada, I. Igarashi, H. Yamamoto

    The Japanese Journal of Thoracic Surgery ( Nanko-do )  73 ( 12 ) 1032 - 1036   2020.12  [Refereed]

    Domestic Co-author

  • Total arch repair with frozen elephant trunk using the “Zone-0 arch repair” strategy for type A acute aortic dissection

    Yamamoto H, Kadohama T, Yamaura G, Tanaka F, Takagi D, Kiryu K, Itagaki Y.

    J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg   159 ( 1 ) 36 - 45   2020.01  [Refereed]

    Domestic Co-author

  • Significance of Surgical Therapy for Right Heart Malignant Tumors: A 5-case Report

    Kiryu Kentaro, Kadohama Takayuki, Tanaka Fuminobu, Takagi Daichi, Yamamoto Hiroshi

    The Japanese Journal of Phlebology ( Japanese Society of Phlebology )  31 ( 2 ) 57 - 63   2020

    <p>Cardiac tumors are rare, and if malignant, the prognosis is often poor. Specific complications occur depending on the site, and pulmonary tumor embolism is most fatal when the tumor site is in the right heart. Although, surgical intervention does not necessarily improve the prognosis of the tumor itself or survival, surgery can prevent sudden death and improve heart failure symptoms, which in turn is expected to improve the activities of daily living (ADL) and maintain the quality of life (QOL) by allowing hospital discharge. In cases of metastatic tumors or tumors due to progression of liver or kidney cancer, resection of the tumor not only improves ADL and QOL but may also prolong survival and improve prognosis. This study presents five cases of right cardiac malignant tumors in which surgical intervention using cardiopulmonary bypass was performed. In two cases, the patients died early but in the remaining three, relatively longer survival was observed. The patients were discharged and returned home but died later. Postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy may be effective in such cases depending on the tumor morphology. We conclude that surgical intervention was able to prevent sudden death, and a diagnosis followed by adjuvant chemotherapy might extend the survival. On the other hand, early postoperative lung and pulmonary circulatory disorders may be at risk of progressing to DIC and MOF and impairing survival.</p>

    DOI CiNii

  • Serum Neuron-Specific Enolase Level as Predictor of Neurologic Outcome after Aortic Surgery.

    Kimura F, Kadohama T, Kitahara H, Ise H, Nakanishi S, Akasaka N, Kamiya H

    Thorac Cardiovasc Surg     2019.01  [Refereed]

    Domestic Co-author

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Presentations 【 display / non-display

  • Frozen elephant trunk techniqueを用いた zone-0 arch repair strategy による TEVAR後の上行弓部置換術

    Takayuki Kadohama, Gembu Yamaura, Fuminobu Tanaka, Daichi Takagi, Kentaro Kiryu, Yoshinori Itagaki, Takeshi Arai, Takuya Wada, Itaru Igarashi, Hiroshi Yamamoto

    第72回 日本胸部外科学会学術集会  (京都)  2019.10  -  2019.11  日本胸部外科学会

  • Total arch repair using frozen elephant trunk technique after thoracic endovascular aortic repair

    Takayuki Kadohama, Hiroshi Yamamoto, Gembu Yamaura, Fuminobu Tanaka, Daichi Takagi, Kentaro Kiryu, Yoshinori Itagaki and Takeshi Arai

    アジア胸部心臓血管外科学会  (インド チェンナイ)  2019.02  -  2019.02  アジア胸部外科学会