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HABUCHI Tomonori



Graduate School of Medicine , Doctorial Course in Medicine , Oncoregulatory Medicine



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  • Kyoto University   Faculty of Medicine   1986.03  Graduated

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  • Kyoto University  Graduate School,Division of Medicine  Doctor's Degree Program  1997.09  Accomplished credits for doctoral program

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  • 2009.04

    Akita University   Graduate School of Medicine   Doctorial Course in Medicine   Oncoregulatory Medicine   Professor


Articles 【 display / non-display

  • Factors that influence the results of salvage surgery in patients with chemorefractory germ cell carcinomas with elevated tumor markers

    Habuchi T, et al

    Cancer   2003.01

  • Increased risk of prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia associated with a CYP17 gene polymorphism with a gene dosage effect

    Habuchi T, et al

    Cancer Res.   2000.01

  • A novel candidate tumour suppressor locus at 9p32-33 in bladder cancer : localization of the candidate region in a single 840 kb YAC

    Habuchi T, et al

    Hum Mol Genet   1997.01

  • Metachronous multifocal development of urothelial cancers by intraluminal seeding

    Habuchi T, et al

    Lancet   1993.01