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KAMEOKA Yoshihiro



Hospital , Pharmaceutical Management Center


Associate Professor

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malignant lymphoma

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  • Akita University   Faculty of Medicine   1997.03  Graduated

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  • Akita University  Graduate School,Division of Medicine  Doctor's Degree Program  2005.03  Completed

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  • 2015.09

    Akita University   Hospital   Pharmaceutical Management Center   Associate Professor

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  • Hematology

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  • Doctor


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  • Contig array CGH at 3p14.2 points to the FRA3B/FHIT common fragile region as the target gene in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma


    Kameoka Y, Tagawa H, Tsuzuki S, Karnan S, Ota A, Suguro M, Suzuki R, Yamaguchi M, Morishima Y, Nakamura S, Seto M 

    2005.03   The Multiple Authorship