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Graduate School of International Resource Sciences , Department of Earth Resource Science


Assistant Professor

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Igneous petrology, Layered intrusions, Gabbro, Magma chamber processes, Mid-ocean ridge, Volcanic eruption

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  • Kyoto University   Faculty of Science   Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences   2003.03  Graduated

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  • Kyoto University  Graduate School, Division of Natural Science  Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences  Doctor's Degree Program  2010.03  Completed

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  • Kyoto University -  Doctor (Science)

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  • 2014.04

    Akita University   Faculty of International Resource Sciences   Department of International Resource Sciences   Dept. of Earth Resource Science   Assistant Professor

  • 2013.09

    Akita University   Akita University   Assistant Professor

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  • 2012.04

    Tohoku University   Specially-appointed Assistant Professor  

  • 2010.09

    Kyushu University   Post-doctoral Fellow  

  • 2010.04

    Kyoto University   Teaching Assistant  

  • 2007.04

    Kyoto University   Postdoctoral Fellowships of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  

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  • 2012.01

    European Geosciences Union

  • 2010.09

    American Geophysical Union

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  • Igneous Petrology

  • Geology


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  • Petrological study of layered gabbro recovered during the IODP Exp.345

    Project Year:


  • Mapping lithology and fluid distribution in the northeastern Japan arc: a simple procedure to combine geologic information with geophysical observations

    Project Year:


  • Study of magma chamber processes on the basis of the observation of layered mafic intrusion

    Project Year:


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  • Origin of igneous layering and related structures in the Murotomisaki Gabbroic Intrusion—Remelting of crystal mush by fluid migration within the crystallizing boundary layer


    Takashi Hoshide 

    2010.03   single author

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  • Spinel inclusions in olivine and plagioclase crystals in a layered gabbro: a marker and a tracer for primary phenocrysts in a differentiating magma reservoir

    Takashi Hoshide, Masaaki Obata

    Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology   168   2014.08

  • Primitive layered gabbros from fast-spreading lower oceanic crust

    Kathryn M. Gillis, Jonathan E. Snow, Adam Klaus, Natsue Abe, Álden B. Adrião, Norikatsu Akizawa, Georges Ceuleneer, Michael J. Cheadle, Kathrin Faak, Trevor J. Falloon, Sarah A. Friedman, Marguerite Godard, Gilles Guerin, Yumiko Harigane, Andrew J. Horst, Takashi Hoshide, Benoit Ildefonse, Marlon M. Jean, Barbara E. John, Juergen Koepke, Sumiaki Machi, Jinichiro Maeda, Naomi E. Marks, Andrew M. McCaig, Romain Meyer, Antony Morris, Toshio Nozaka, Marie Python, Abhishek Saha & Robert P. Wintsch

    Nature   505   204 - 207   2014.01

  • Amphibole-bearing multiphase solid inclusions in olivine and plagioclase from a layered gabbro: origin of the trapped melts

    Takashi Hoshide and Masaaki Obata

    Journal of Petrology   53 ( 2 )   419 - 449   2012.01

  • Zoning and resorption of plagioclase in a layered gabbro, as a petrographic indicator of magmatic differentiation

    Takashi Hoshide and Masaaki Obata

    Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Earth Sciences   100 ( Special issue 1-2 )   235 - 249   2009.03

  • Crystal settling and crystal growth of olivine in magmatic differentiation - the Murotomisaki Gabbroic Complex, Shikoku, Japan

    Takashi Hoshide, Masaaki Obata and Takashi Akatsuka

    Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences   101 ( 5 )   223 - 239   2006.10

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Reviews 【 display / non-display

  • Origin of igneous layering - The guide for the field trip of the Murotomisaki Gabbroic Intrusion, Southwest Japan

    Takashi Hoshide and Masaaki Obata

    韓日地質学会・室戸合同大会 field excursion guidebook ( 日本地質学会 )   2010.08

Academic Conference presentation 【 display / non-display

  • Occurrences of orthopyroxene in primitive layered gabbros from the Hess Deep Rift, East Pacific Rise

    Takashi Hoshide, Sumiaki Machi, Jin-ichiro Maeda

    The 2015 Annual Meeting of Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences (JAMS) 


  • Petrological character of multitextured layered gabbros exposed at the Hess Deep rift

    Takashi Hoshide, Sumiaki Machi, Jin-ichiro Maeda

    The 2014 Annual Meeting of Japan Association Mineralogical Sciences 


  • Development of Geofluid Map in the Naruko district, NE Japan

    Japan Geoscience Union Annual Meeting 2013