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Graduate School of Medicine , Doctorial Course in Health Sciences , Occupational Therapy


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Research regarding circadian rest-activity rhythm in the elderly, Intervention research related to the dementia prevention

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  • Akita University   Faculty of Medicine   Department of Occupational Therapy, Health sciences   2007.03  Graduated

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  • Akita University  Graduate School, Division of Medicine  Faculty of Health Sciences  Doctor's Degree Program  2016.03  Completed

  • Akita University  Graduate School, Division of Medicine  Health Sciences  Master's Degree Program  2009.03  Completed

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  • Akita University -  Doctor (Health Sciences)

  • Akita University -  Master (Health of Sciences)

  • Akita University -  Bachelor (Occupational Therapy)

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  • 2012.04

    Akita University   Graduate School of Medicine   Doctorial Course in Health Sciences   Occupational Therapy   Assistant Professor

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  • 2007.04

    Japanese Association of Occupational Therapists

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  • Rehabilitation Science/Welfare engineering

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  • Occupational Therapist


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  • Spatial compatibility and affordance compatibility in patients with chronic schizophrenia


    Yu Kume, Fumiyasu Sato, Yuya hiraoka, Shingo Suzuki, Yoshitsugu Niyama. 

    Asian Journal of Psychiatry     2016.03   The Multiple Authorship


  • Effects of differences in activity goal setting on self-efficary


    Bulletin of Graduate School of Health Sciences Akita University   19 ( 1 ) 47 - 56   2009.03   single author

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  • Imbalance of nonparametric rest-activity rhythm and the evening-type of chronotype according to frailty indicators in elderly community dwellers

    Hiroki Maekawa, Yu Kume

    Chronobiology International   36 ( 9 )   1208 - 1216   2019.08

  • Effect of a dual-task exercise to motor and memory function for Japanese older individuals in depopulated rural districts: preliminary intervention research from 2016 to 2019

    Kume Y, Fujita T, Uemura S, Inomata S, Tsugaruya M, Sato A, Nakamura Y, Itakura Y, Ota H

    International Psychogeriatrics   1 - 2   2019.07

  • Effective Strategy of the Multicomponent Exercise Program for Older Individuals in a Depopulated Rural Region

    Yu Kume, Megumi Tsugaruya, Shoko Inomata, Akiko Sato, Tomoe Fujita, Yoriko Nakamura

    International journal of gerontology   13 ( 2 )   183 - 184   2019.06

  • The association between circadian rest-activity patterns and the behavioral and psychological symptoms depending on the cognitive status in Japanese nursing-home residents

    Yuma Saito, Yu Kume, Ayuto Kodama, Kotaro Sato, Megumi Yasuba

    Chronobiology international   35 ( 12 )   1670 - 1679   2018.11

  • Pilot study: The application of a multicomponent exercise for older people in a depopulated rural area

    Yu Kume, Tomoe Fujita, Ayako Sasaki, Saeko Kurosawa, Akiko Sato, Sachiko Uemura, Shoko Inomata, Megumi Tsugaruya, Yoriko Nakamura

    Geriatrics & Gerontology International   17 ( 12 )   2639 - 2640   2017.12

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Academic Conference presentation 【 display / non-display

  • The change of rest-activity patterns in older community-dwellers with pre-frailty

    Yu Kume, Hiroki Maekawa

    The first International Conference of Healthcare Science and Technology (ICHST, 2018) 


  • Investigation of factors regarding life rhythm for older residents in a nursing home

    Erika Suwa, Megumi Yasuba, Yuma Saito, Yu Kume

    The 52nd Japanese Occupational Therapy Congress & Expo 


  • Examination of factors associated with life rhythm disturbances for demented older persons in nursing homes

    Yu Kume, Yuma Saito, Kotaro Sato, Ayuto Kodama, Mei Kumagai

    The 52nd Japanese Occupational Therapy Congress & Expo 


  • The application of a multicomponent exercise to associate the healthy community for older community-dwellers

    Yu Kume, Tomoe Fujita, Megumi Tsugaruya, Akiko Sato, Yoriko Nakamura

    28th TOHOKU regional congress of occupational therapy 


  • A preliminary study regarding social skills in patients with schizophrenia for an insane asylum

    Yuma Onodera, Yu Kume

    28th TOHOKU regional congress of occupational therapy 


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Honours, Awards and Prizes 【 display / non-display

  • An Outstanding Poster Award

    2018.12.04  THAILAND

    Winner: Yu Kume, Hiroki Maekawa

  • The prize of the president of the congress

    2013.09.29  JAPAN

    Winner: Kume Yu


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